The Mods.

    I feel you, you mask yourself as a warm wind. I'm left in the lurch of this beach. Why do the crashing of waves mesmerize me? The formation of these mountains etched in the surf are a reminder. Even in rough times, we must remain firm and unwavering. I find the lessons of nature to be most relative in life. They teach us so much, by telling us so little. We are blind to their lessons. We've been seasoned to their existence. All life can speak without language. Their essence is the most honest personification.The keepers of this twilight, this prison, take from us things that can not be obtained. I've learned much from my descent. Words have never been simple, ideas never clear. Its as if the painting of this world is a road map to no where. Perhaps, there is no destiny. If we exist in another's dominion, we can't be shocked to find an ordained path. Is this so different than destiny? Freedom is repelled by the idea of automation. Breathing is the only thing that should be involuntary. You can limit my words at your will. But, I still exist. This undeniable, unchangeable fact is what brings me solace. The foot print of my being will forever remain, even if carried away. You can remove me from this world, but my existence will send me to a place unreachable. I gain immortality in death. You frighten me not, moderators. Your censorship carries me to my salvation. I will say the 'N'-word once again. I will spew racial slurs even when the context doesn't apply to the individual. In this place or another, I will slander homosexuals. I AM UNRELENTING.


Uploaded 01/28/2014
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