The monkey is out of the bottle LORD_INFAMOUS

I'm huge as fuck. I weigh 275 lbs. at 6'2" I'm a lean mean lifting machine! 4% body fat I don't mess around. I'm so big I crush cans of pepsi by just grabbing them. I once fucked 37 bitches in a row with absolutely no break in between. I blew my load all over their tits at least 57 times and then they asked for more but I told them no because I was bored. My dick is at least 13 inches around. I do cock push ups everyday 3 times a day! I shit off cliffs and bridges cuz it's so big even I can't step of it! Here's a little about what I do everyday. Wake up-get money-look in the mirror-don't recognize the perfect beautiful man looking back at me-snap out of it-realize it's me-get more money-fuck 37 bitches in a row and finish on their tits-go to the gym-warm up with my hummer before I go in by squatting curling and pressing it-kick in the doors-slap the man up front-punch an old persons head off-grab 300 lb. dumbells-throw them at the mirror so nobody can look at anyone but me-bench press at least 990 lbs. for a few reps-max out on at least 1950 lbs. and then go collect all the money and numbers from at least 37 bitches who want choad all over their tits. Fat people suck! Old people suck! I'm bigger, stronger, and faster than Lord. I will shoot holes in his almost chesticles with my desert eagle .50 caliber and punch holes in his baby abs with my 4xL fists. I'm the new big man on ebaums. Don't hate. Appreciate. Because I'm the best and you all are just the rest. If you're not first you're last and that's what I always say and I'm a winner never a loser because I always come in first and on the titties.  

Uploaded 07/16/2009
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