The Most Awaited Fight Of 2012

His dream was to become the toughest guy on his block. He trained and trained to be the best. It wasn't easy - there was many who wanted to become great fighters. There's money in fights. Even street fighting. Perhaps if you don't get your skull cracked for a few years, you got a shot at MMA?

He didn't get his cracked. He was doing the cracking. Mralcahuete was a fighter ever since Timmy tried to steal his blanket during nap time in the kindergarten. He never took shit from anybody. Timmy was the first to learn the painful lesson. He fought on the streets, in the gym, but when an opportunity came, he had to take his shot in the biggest fight of his life.

Mralcahuete never steps down from a challenge and when an internet tough guy Jag026 asked for his address and thretened to kick his ass, he knew this is gonna be a bone breaking experience for Jag. But he never underestimates his opponents, that's why he trained so that he's sure to go Goku on this wimp.

PM me for the tickets to this magnificent fight. Paypal me the money. 10$ for an adult, 5 bucks for children under the age of 5. Preorder nyao, they're gonna cost much more. This will be the most epic internet fight in DAYS! Maybe WEEKS.

Uploaded 08/11/2012
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