the most disturbing thing my husband ever saw

I was real sick for 7 months straight and threw up every day. Just when i thought it was getting better, the headaches started. i had excruciating headaches for months too. i couldnt sleep at night becuase there was such bad pains in my back and heartburn that made me feel like i was on fire. when i did finally fall asleep i was plagued by cripppling leg cramps that would wake me, screaming, several times a night. when i thougth things couldnt get any worse my ankles started swelling up so bad that i could only wear flip flops.

finally, one morning i awoke at 5:30 with pains worse than anything i had ever felt in my life. it was radiating from my stomach to my back. the best way i can describe it was like being electrocuted. if you have ever fried yourself on a light bulb or a socket you know the kind of burning and paralyzing sensation that i am talking about.

so i went to the hospital and was admited. 16 hours later, after screaming and crying in pain the dr took a pair of scissors (while i was fully consious) and cut my freaking vagina all the way to my asshole and my baby shot out along with tons of blood and water. folowed by that was the placenta, which relesemble uncooked liver. then they slopped the whole sticky thing on my chest.

and suddenly the whole thing was over, i was cured-except for the fact that felt like a truck hit me. and then dragged me a few miles. even thhough they stiched me up tight, my va-jay resembled raw meat, which bled for 6 weeks.

my husband said the birth of our child was the most disturbing thing he EVER saw.


Uploaded 10/23/2008
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