The most unbelievable story ever!

Well, I have 2 pet rats. Those little bastards decided to have some fun on Thursday. My mom got up to go check on my sister and when she looks at the rat cage, she sees a little head sticking out of the side of the cage. She screams because she's afraid they are going to escape. They chewed a hole the size of a base ball through the plastic base of their cage and they chewed on the cable for my sisters tv. I kid you not. Anyways, we decide to put them into a plastic cat carrier and we head off to our buisnees ( for me it was school ). When we get back at around 5:00 we decide to check up on the rats. They were gone again... We started freaking out because we have 4 cats ( my house is a zoo ) and the door to my sister's room was open. My mom goes to look for a flashlight and as I turn to face the door I am shocked at what I see. They both went back into their original cage and they were sleeping in their hammock... As for their cage, well we put a metal " something" around it. I hope they can't chew through metal because if they can, we are fucked.

Uploaded 06/02/2008
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