The Mystery of Women

Women are strange creatures to us males.  They mindlessly babble on taking hours to get to the point and wonder why we didn't hear every word they said.  At some point in the conversation, she'll stop and ask you what she said thirty minutes before whether or not it had something to do with the subject at hand, then get mad at you if you don't remember.  Men hate this because we could care less what your friend's uncle's cousin thinks about the way Suzy's sister's niece wears her hair.

Another thing about women that drives men up a wall is that they will expect the man to know why she's mad when she has given no indication of why she's mad as if we all possessed the powers of Carnac the Magnificent.  Perhaps this is due to women having that strange power of intuition?  They don't seem to realize that we aren't mind readers.

Women seem to be very possessive as well, yet expect you to give them complete freedom in every way.  Don't let a woman catch you saying so much as hello to another woman in spite of the fact that they're running around with every male they lay eyes on.  Of course, the real truth is that women only give you respect if you treat them like shit as Andrew once so eloquently pointed out.  This is another mystery to men because we generally hate bitches who treat us like shit.

I could go on and on about the mystery of women, but my food is getting cold and I should probably eat it so I don't have to waste energy heating it up again in the microwave.

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