The Myth of Human Kindness

It's about time that we had a blog about this specifically. I've been called a sociopath too often. Everyone has to tell me 'maybe YOU don't care about everyo0ne, but I do.'. No you don't. None of you care about anyone but your own tribe, just like me. I'm going to tell you how I know that for sure right now.

People like to think of human emotion to have unlimited capcity but it's all chemical and it has it's limits. It's limits are set by it's purpose. Let's look at this from a survival standpoint. No strategy evolves as a set strategy for ane ntire species unless it works and it ensures that at least the individuals of that speces survive. On the micro scale, the scale it should be considered on, every last gene alelle is trying to survive, to icnrease it's representation in the gene pool. It has to keep it's host alive and breeding so it can icnrease it's representation. Genes that don't increase thier representation in the gene pool aren't represented in it, simple as that. So we can agree that the strategies given to a survival machine that carries the gene in question have to be sucessful at survving and breeding if they're alive now.

Let's take it back to homo habilis. I could go back further and if you want to imagine austrolapithacus africanus then feel free. Or any other stage. I go with homo habilis because it was the first stage of the genus homo. I feel like homo habilis is fully human. If you want to start with homo sapiens then fine. My point will be the same. Imagine the emergence of whatever human stage you have in mind into the community of life. Imagine the interpretation of human nature I keep getting is true. That most of you want your fellow man to survive and you are able to feel for them. Let's see how this 'altruism gene' does.

So all members of this community care for each other, right? everyone sets out to hunt and gather and collectively ensure as many humans get nourished. A lot of us get nourished and we grow, one big tribe. We breed ebcause we're sucessful and we're all fed. Humans all still eat the same things, because we're one species. Let's follow our growth to the logical cocnlusion, beyond the limit of resources. In any ecological system the population will outgrow the food supply every time. (Go to the library and check out Peter Farb's 'Humankind' because I am not going to go through proving that here. if you want me to prove this to you, then I'll do it in another blog). So now we hyave more people then we have food, and they all compete for the same food. we're altruistic so we can't apropriate any food for just ourselves, we have to try and feed everyone. On an individual basis these bodes poorly for the survival of each bio machine, and for thier genes. Any gene that did this would not have survived. Suposing it did there would be no check to humans, because nothing kills us, we could fill up the earth to capcity and then go extinct all at once. For millions of years humans weren't filling the earth to capcity. In the last ten thousand our attempt at making one human culture ahs been doing this.

Ah but we are still the same machines. Certainly we are social creatures. We need support. we need a group. If that group includes everyone it doesn't bode well for individual survival (so sucha  gene is eliminated). If groups are manageable in size then what the group acomplishes does benefit everyone. My point here is that our survival is aided by our bonding emotions such as empathy. We are designed to feel this for a group large enough to icnrease oru cahcnes at survival. Beyond a certain number our chances descend again. So the process of elimination has given us an ideal tribe size and our genes have ensured thier representation by designing our brains to be unable to exceed this tribe size. Just like you will not see wolves going about in massive mobs of several hundred, you should not see people enaging in such numbers either. It contradicts our design, and for good reason ebcause our design ensures optimal survival. (if anyone cares the number is 15 main tribe, 150 extended association. test it on your own lives if you like).

This is why I can say with confidence that your ability to care for your fellow man is a delusion. The purpose of such a delusion is to reinforce your self image and make you feel fulfilled, but it is a delusion. If humans were capable of massive altruism, we'd be extinct for sure. The expression of such a tendancy would never have survived.

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