The Nation of Islam

When I'm bored I like to read up on certain things. Today's choice was the Nation of Islam. Before I start I have to say that some people are stupid enough to believe anything, and NOI is one of those groups of stupid people.

Their story of creation is that 76 trillion years ago Earth and the moon were joined together and everybody lived together as one on this world they called "Asia." But on day this man who was tired of beoing equal to everybody (it's most likely taught that this was a white man) so he dug down into the center of "Asia" and loaded the hole up with dynamite (I didn't know nitroglycerine was around back then) and blew it up. This divided "Asia" into two astral bodies, and in some idiotic way, divided all people.


There are alot of loopholes in this story; one of which, is that there was not a single person on the moon part of "Asia" when it was blown up. Another is that why would a man come to the conclusion to blow up "Asia" just because he doesn't like being equal to everybody.


Yeah so, I guess some people are more sheepish than others. But what can you do?



Oh Well




Uploaded 08/18/2008
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