The Needle in the Haystack

Life shortly resumed to normalcy after the move. Me and Servine (koko) went back to the various plans we had already in place to effectively tear down our hated rivals, the Feeders. Gnawed on wires were found and destruction resumed, important items were 'accidently' knocked over to their demise, and of course the morning and nightly weaving through their legs in the hopes they'd trip and fall. But thats not why I write today. I think the stupid Feeders are finally catching onto our plans.


One of our year-long plans involved caking their technology in fur. By rubbing against these items, we naturally shed a layer or so. This in turn would lead to overheating the machines and ruin their so important toys. Two days ago, they discovered one of our targeted devices. It was a system they were always on, feeding circular things in then watching the flashing pictures on a large square gadget. As planned, our fur began messing with the inner workings, and the box began to fail. Unfortunately, one of them blew inside, and fur delicately floated out. The problem discovered, they soon puffed all hair out, and resumed the strange ritual.


Still though, that is not why I write. Occasionally they do stumble across one our plans but they underestimate our intelligence so much, they fail to see true intent of the plots. Today, they found a SECOND targeted device to Operation Cat Hair, and cleaned that out too! I fear they are stratigically tracking down all of our targets and clean them, destroying  months of work. How can Feeders be so stupid, yet such a thorn in my paw?

Uploaded 03/14/2011
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