The new feature... AGAIN!


You see?  I told you... theres no such thing as "reverse racism."  Black people can be racist as well.


Oh, and for all you assholes saying that Im a racist in my last blog... you guys need to get some reading comprehension.  I am not racist, nor have I ever been racist... and I have absolutely nothing against black people.


I DO, however, have a beef with STUPID, IGNORANT, VIOLENT, EBONIC-SPEAKING/ACTING MONGOLOID black people who act the way they do, and then they go around calling white people racist because they stereotype blacks.  And yes, I know, there are white/chinese/indian/etc people out there that act the same...  I hate them all... so its still not racist.


  Ive said it before, and I'll say it again:

"Black people of the world... if youre tired of being stereotyped... how about you stop perpetuating these damn stereotypes and start acting like a normal member of society?  Dont wanna be called a ni99er?  Then dont act like one."  (By the way, I dont use the N word... that example was just to get my point across"


Now, if youre already one of those black people out there who DONT act this way... I have no beef with you, and would be happy to call you a friend.  While youre at it, maybe you could encourage others to get their shit together, and do the same.


Anyways, back on the subject of the feature...  Its pretty clear that the students at that school are racist, and upset that a white woman won the pageant. 


One of the students was like "She doesnt represent us."


Well, lets see shithead...I mean "poop head" (pun intended)... shes a student at your school... she damn well DOES represent you.  And if by some stretch of the imagination, youre actually trying to say that she doesnt represent black people... well then congratulations... you just continued the LONG tradition of segregation that your past black generations have been fighting to tear down.


Good job, shit head... I mean "poop head" (pun intended again)

Uploaded 11/28/2009
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