the phrase of the day is.........

........the more things change, the more they stay the same. today was my first day of my one weekend a month drill for the Texas National Guard, and that phrase fit perfectly. i'll give an example here:

me: hey, sarge, i dont have any uniforms as you can tell. when you think i'll be getting my initial issue?

my Sgt.: well, uhhhh, lemme see.(checks some paperwork)says here we ordered your gear 3 weeks ago sooooooo i would say in about a month.

me:but we go on our 2 week field exercise in mid july.

my Sgt.: how'd you know that?

me: i know things.

my Sgt.: oh really, troop? what else do you know?

me: i'm not tellin. ANYWAYS, what bout my gear or am i gonna be left outta the FTX (field training exercise)?

my Sgt.: *shrugs sholders and stares at me*

me: ok.great. if y'all dont care, i dont care.

the whole day played out just like it did back when i was regular Army. formation, fuck off and act like you're working, chow, listen to guys exagerate about the chicks they fucked or the shit they saw in Iraq, fuck off some more, final formation.

we did get to put up some new tents that come equiped with a/c. i was excited bout that cuz when i was in the tents were made of heavy canvass, were a bitch to put up, and trapped heat in. if it was 102 outside then you could bake a chicken in the tent. seriously, i have had a vision of my indian spirit animal in one of those tents and i wasnt trying. 

it's kind of comforting to know that it hasent changed much, but all the same problems are there too. gotta go back tomorrow and do inventory. ahhh inventories! you either have too much shit or are short alot of shit.

hehehe.........the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Uploaded 06/27/2009
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