The Pizza Boy Killer.

Only a couple of more hours,then I can go home, gah this new job is not as exciting as i thought it would be, I mean come on its LAPD, I got more action back in my home town, as i thought to my self, The chief of police tossed a large file on my desk with the letters confidential on it. "Sir what is this about"? Chief- "well I know you are new here but I checked your background and to be one here has as much experience and skill as you do, its impressive" Thank you sir, but what is it" Chief-" well open it and see". I couldn't believe what  was in it, it contained the information behind the pizza boy killer, the man who slaughtered over 30 pizza delivery guys.

" sir this is FBI stuff, I don't have permission to be meddling around in this case!" Chief- They are not doing jack shit about it, and he needs to be stopped soon before anyone else gets hurt, plus we could use the fame because there has been talk are department hasn't been doing its part in helping the city" Well I will do my best sir, but how will I even get close to this guy, he is a professional?" Chief- "There has been a conformation he is in Los Angeles right now, there has been no reports of him killing any pizza boys here yet, so you better hurry and make your way down to the pizza shop, pick you up a pizza outfit, and take that psycho down, and remeber, keep a low profile".Yes sir!

2 hours later-

knock knock knock, Killer- "who is it"? Its a pizza delivery for Mr Hanson. Killer-"I didn't order.........hold on a second ill be right out" Okay sir! This has to be the guy, that's a made up name,as i thought to myself the man opened the door. Killer- "oh hey, come on in I don't want the bugs from the light getting in" That's fine sir it will be 12.99. Killer- "just set it down for second while i gather up some money" As he left the room I started looking around for proof it was him, I mean it was the right room, the right description, the Bs name he agreed with,It had to be it just had to be, but damn there is no proof and I can not just shoot him, and if it is him and i try to handcuff him he will most likely kill me. Killer-"whats all that rattling going on"? Nothing sir. Killer-"hmmm, you sure?" yes sir, it will be 12.99. just as i reached my hand out he sliced my hand.

Killer-" your a damn cop and now your gonna die! He took several more swings cutting my chest and arms, I tried to pull my gun out but it fell to the floor as i tried to back up and run into the kitchen. I retreated to the kitchen to get a knife, I grabbed the butcher knife that had recently been used for god knows what, in my defense I swung back only slicing his coat. Killer- " hahaha, you aint shit without your gun are ya?" This man was clearly deranged and had every intention to kill me, I was being cornered, so it was all or nothing, I plunged forward with my Knife stabbing him in the stomach, he backed up into the cabinets.

I dove across the table, grabbed my gun and hammered on the trigger unleashing my whole clip on him, he fell to the ground, and murmured," my brother is still alive!" and died with a cynical grin on his face.Later I was rushed to hospital with multiple wounds, and was met there by the chief to congratulate me. Chief- "you did good today, that is one less maniac off the street!" Yes sir, but I am afraid there is another one that's his brother. Chief- "ah nonsense, he does not have any family members, now you rest, you lost a lot of blood" Okay see you tomorrow Chief.

4 hours later-

I am half asleep when someone opens my door, "Hello", no reply, "Hello", still no reply, the shadowy figure come closer, it looks like chief, "Chief is tha................

Next morning news-

Reporter-The man who killed the infamous pizza boy killer was found dead this morning in his hospital bed, only hours after he had shot down the pizza boy killer, it appears he was stabbed to death, with a pizza box laying over his face saying thanks for getting rid of him, we are not sure what any of this means yet, as of right now the Chief of police is investigating.
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