The Pizza Nobody Wanted.

     It was a dark and stormy night.  That cliche had been worn down to a nub; but yet it actually was.  It was cold and balmy outside, the sun had dissappeared quickly with the abrupt appearance of a winter storm.


     Suddenly there was a very bright flash of light accompanied by a very loud clap of thunder.  The lights went out; yet there was a bright flickering light for a few moments visible from all of the windows.  The transformer on the curb had taken a hit.  This meant no power.  The phones were still up; and the power company was well aware of the problem.


     Hungry, I went to the kitchen to see what was there.  There was nothing left over; and nothing that did not require cooking.  I could cook because the stove and over were both electric.  I did not feel like cooking anyway.  I decided to call the local pizza shoppe, see if they were giving any deals out since they were going to lose inventory anyway.  Besides, maybe I would get lucky and they would be unaffected by this outage.


     The man answering the phone informed me that they were indeed affected by the outage, and they could not prepare any more food.  They only thing they had left was a pizza nobody wanted.  I don't know how he knew I wanted that pizza, but it didn't matter.  Nobody was hungry.  "How much", I inquired.  "Depends on where you live", he responded.  "You can look that up on my profile, I'm_Just_Nobody" I quipped.  It turns out that I lived on his way home so he would give me this pizza free.  As it turned out, nobody wanted a persimmon pizza.  Very interesting.  It made my lips pucker.  Now all nobody needs is a girlfriend to share this pizza with!


Pucker Up!

Uploaded 08/09/2011
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