The pot who called the kettle black

My brother-in-law, John, is my husband, Rob's, older brother.  He has holier-than-thou moments.  I'd like to share one with you.

Rob and I met 18 years ago at a dorm party on an Air Force Base right before I turned 18.  We dated for a while, and broke up over something dumb several months later.  I always knew where he lived and how he was doing because his best friend is James, my now ex brother-in-law, who was married to my sister. 

As my ex, Ryan and I were getting divorced, Rob tracked me down (12 years later) and we renewed our friendship but waited until my divorce was final to begin a deeper relationship again.  My girls and I moved to Texas to be with Rob since he couldn't move to where we were living.  Rob and I lived together for 3 years before we got married (my choice). 

At one point, I decided that I needed to meet Rob's family, so I took it upon myself to take my kids to meet them.  Most of his family were pretty excited to meet us, since they had heard all about me (and later the girls) for years.  John was the exception.  While he was rather civil, I could tell he didn't approve of mine and Rob's living situation.  He kept going on and on about how we were living in sin and one day we would pay for that sin.

Well, come to find out, John was having an internet affair with a married woman, Rhonda, who had 4 kids.  She left her husband to be with John, and he promptly moved her and her 4 kids into his 3 bedroom trailer house.  As soon as I found that out, I called John, and told him that he had no room to talk and tell Rob and I that we were living in sin. 

When Rob and I got married 3 years ago, he told us that he didn't think we would last a year.  Heh.....seems he's wrong there.  We had to talk him out of marrying Rhonda as soon as the ink was dry on her divorce decree.  He married her one year later.  They have been married now for the past 18 months, and I don't think their marriage will last......he's still cruising for chicks on the internet, and she's got a boyfriend on the side....So much for his high and mighty Christian values!!!!

My name is Snorkpants, I am the pot, and I've called the kettle black!!!!

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