The Power of the Dragon Returns!

The fantastic news are already going worldwide. This is one of the most surprising news of the year, putting shade on the Diablo 3 fiasco.

Ladies and gentleman, Son Goku and the gang are back. This isn't any bull shit. They are producing a new Dragonball Z series along with the HD versions on the old episodes. You think I'm lying? Look at the proof, dumb bitches.

See? There's gonna be more Saiyajins, apparently, and some old enemies as well. You can tell from the trailer that it's gonna be the old school Dragon Ball with kids being beat up and gore. Excellent.

It's still a speculation wheter or not the series is going to follow the same trends its predecessor was famous for - lots of muscular men, near homosexual relations between warriors (it's called bromance) and chauvinism. 

One thing is certain - it's not gonna be some spin off. The author of Dragonball Z, Akira Toriyama, had this to say: "I've let some youngsters chip in their ideas and do the animation. I know many fans waited for an actual Dragonball continuation. We're working on it and I know we'll get a lot of money. This is a sure success. What was made in only a few months is fantastic. The story follows Dragonball Z and ignores the GT spin off. I know it was horse shit and it was only a way to get money from using the brand's name. Forget GT, this is the actual continuation. I'm Akira Toriyama, bitch."

The show officially premieres this year. You're welcome.

Uploaded 05/31/2012
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