The Price of Survival

There is some stigma attached to the idea that humans should only exert effort for a few hours a week. We are so accustomed to exerting ourselves upwards of 20-40 hours a week, which is nothing short of draining that we have a sense of pride attached to this. I know full well that the economy could not function and no one could live on the earnings of a few hours, this isn't what I mean. In terms of currency and employment these objections are absolutely valid, but in terms of survival it's absolutely ludicris how much time we spend on such tasks. Survival should and does take only a few hours a week. There is a reason so many would jump the cage and die early rather then exert themselves so ahrshly. Theya re afforded the same amount of actual living, believe me. Why do humans have such a martyr complex? Why do we feel like we must suffer for what we need? You deserve the means to survive, we all do. And we deserve to get them easily. I don't mean that they should be handed to us, or that some government body should distribute them. I am far from marxist. I mean more of a survival value. The sort of education we are all denied so that we can instead be distracted with lessons we are unwilling to accept and will only discard. We are left helpless and useless, without skill after 16 years of being educated. We are still left to start at the bottom. We complain, and they complain, but in fact this is just what they want. To have low lever servants, to have a market of frivelous children who do not need to support themselves just yet. Education will never convey anything of value. It is not designed to do as such. The rein holders will complain right along with you, but they couldn't be more pleased with the system they have made. No one has any survival value so they can be nothing more then servants. We all feel trapped, we all feel unfulfilled, and yet we all hold the cage up in it's place.

Uploaded 06/12/2010
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