The Problem. Wallboy Episode 2 Strikes at MIDNIGHT!! So Get Hig

It seemed i recieived little repect for not having an avatar. This was a big problem for some people who found themselves unable to sleep peacefully last night, knowing that I did not have an avatar. In particular, Wallboy and Platypus. For those of you who dont know Wallboy, scroll down and begin reading about his story. You will know more about the life wallboy leads then you know about your own life.  then you have platypuss. A 65 year old man who hacked a girls myspace and stole her picture. A lie you say? Every myspace picture involves a middle finger being given to the camera. And what just happens to be your avatar platypus? That picture could be taken from any female girls myspace. So relax in your nursing home because i have a special treat for you. PLATYPUSS, YOULL BE GUEST STARRING IN THE WALLBOY CHRONICLES EPISODE 2. I know, no need to thank me. Its a priviledge to get to use you in my story. And if everyone creates a fancy avatar and doesnt use the default, then technically i do have an avatar that is all mine. And i think i speak for everyone when i say the default avatar looks damn good.  
Uploaded 05/17/2009
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