The Ramblings Of A Noone.. II

 There's one thing to the visual aspect of making an ass out of yourself and that is of course, people have to see this. If nobody sees it then it never happens. Right? Just as the 5 second rule, the 3 minute dating rule, the bear shits in a woods rule, the tree falls in the woods rule- look I can start getting into specifics, complete with different scenery and characters, but I'm trusting that I've established my point of view well enough. Not that anyone has to agree, that's what's supposed to be cool about living in America, I'd rather say "that's what's so cool about living."... it'd probably more politically correct.

Another thing for today, etiquette is stupid... necessary, but stupid.  I've never heard of anything so outlandish than forcing yourself to be uncomfortable, while pretending to be comfortable, all for the sake of other's comfort. I don't see why people can't jut sit amongst their own shit, filth, puke and sweat. I mean, when you break it down religiously or scientifically, we're all basically stemmed from one living organism and/or force. The idea just doesn't come across as far fetched to me. And the same thing goes with just being annoyed by a person. I would love to just tell someone in my own two cented, completely worthless opinion, that I honestly think their voice sounds like a cat in heat trying to sing Eagles's Hotel California and that they should keep their day job at the Donut Shack, because let's face everyone likes your donuts better than your singing, so just be happy, maybe try the drums, who knows, maybe you can be the next Danny Carey.

Uploaded 07/19/2011
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