The Real McCain

John McCain is a communist.  There I said it and you all know it's true.  One only needs to look at the long, dangerous and shady associations from his past to see that.  After all, he spent five and a half YEARS in a communist country, surrounded by other communists.  It's true, look it up!  You want to tell me a guy who spent half a decade IN A COMMUNIST COUNTRY IS NOT A COMMUNIST?!!!!?  Day in and day out eating their food and listening to their Anti-American propaganda?  Why won't John McCain just stand up and tell us the truth about how Anti-American he really is?  John SIDNEY McCain is not who we think he is.  We should be very scared of him possibly winning the election.  He is a communist abetter, and America simply can not afford to take a risk on someone with a mysterious past like his.









Not so funny when ridiculous claims like these are made against YOUR guy, am I right?


I am JohnnyBax, and shameless smear tactics are how Republicans win elections.

Uploaded 11/01/2008
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