The Repairman

   I awoke to the sound of pouring rain on the cabin's tin roof.  I loved that sound at night.  In the morning, the rain sounded like a death rattle announcing the premature death of a good day.  How bad could it really be.  I thought, "Stay positive young man."  I ambled over to the window and saw the water rushing from the down spouts and gutters of the cabin.  The dirt road was muddied and partially washed away.  The trees were absent of birds.  It was official.  The day was pronounced dead; just after sun rise.    

   I got on my work clothes, had a cup of ultra strong coffee, and looked over my schedule for the day.  It was the usual grind.  thousands of appointments throughout the day, troubleshooting whatever came along, and gathering lost souls for repair.  It was a job.  The pay was poor, there was no possibility of advancement, people only asked for my help when their backs are to the wall, and when something didn't go right I was the first to be blamed.  I really can't remember how I got the job.  There was no interview.  I woke up one morning after hearing a big bang.  I looked outside my cabin window and there was light for the first time.  I decided to drive down the dirt road to see what was going on.  The little mile long road from my cabin had been extended...indefinitely.  I drove and drove.  After six days, I stopped.  I turned around and came home.  The drive home only took a day and the barren landscape had changed.  There were stars in the sky, planets on the horizon, grass in the fields, and water in the oceans.  

   Everyday since then, I have driven down that road.  It amazes me at the new stuff that pops up.  There is always something new.  Millions of new galaxies are born everyday and millions of galaxies die everyday.  Some days I can focus on one person's problems.  Some days I can barely focus on the problems of an entire planet.  I get paid the same no matter how much or how little I do.  However, I always try.  I am not perfect; actually not even close.  The road was presented to me and it passes through the precise middle of everything.  I figure it happened for a reason and I must do my part.  I can not fix the edges, but the middle is my territory.  So if you have a "hole that needs fixed" put it in the middle and I will get to it one of these days.

Uploaded 03/28/2010
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