The right to bear arms

The more crap I hear from the far left wingers about how guns are bad, the more I wonder what world they live in where they have never had to call the police for something. Simply put, when seconds count, the police are minutes away. I hate using cliche, but that's the best way to sum it up. It's YOUR duty to take care of you and yours. If you are the victim of a home invasion, in the time it takes for the police to arrive, something terrible could happen to you and/or your family.

Furthermore, where do you get off impeding my natural rights? (And if you don't know what natural rights are, you might as well just stop voting, grow fur and start mooing like the mindless cattle you are.) If you want to take my property away, you're going to have a hell of a time doing it. My guns give me the means to gain food, provide recreational perposes and give me a safe and comfortable feeling.

Speaking of stripping americans of their firearms, taking the guns away from those who keep and bear them lawfully will do no good. Why, you ask? It's called the black market, genious, and it's been working for the bad guys who keep and bear arms UNLAWFULLY for some time. Do you think that taking the guns out of the registered owners hands are going to stop the criminal elemet from gaining them? Again, I ask what world do you live in? The other black market issue would be that those individuals who want to protect themselves from the evils of man would go purchase their guns unlawfully, and guess who gets caught with the gun. Not the bad guy, because he's been practicing hiding his for years, but the average citizen who only wanted whats best for his family. Now we're talking about putting good and decent americans behind bars for something less that necessary.

"But guns kill people!" No they don't, Jackass. Firearms are objects, objects require outside manipulation in order to achieve proformance. In short, you're shifting blame to the object instead of the human. A human pulls the trigger, no gun ever got up on it's own and killed somebody for any reason. Point your finger where it belongs, we put people on trial for murder, not the implements they utilized.

"What if your child gets a hold of your gun?" It's called a gunsafe, moron. All of my weapons are kept under lock and key. The way it should be. My kids will never touch my guns until they are mature enough to, period. They will never have access to the key or know the combination to the safe.

If you want to effect positive change in the realm of guns, how about this, require a safety class for anyone interested in purchasing a firearm. As a well trained owner, I would actually like to see that.

Uploaded 05/26/2008
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