The Saints are coming!

   That's right folks, it's yet another Saints Game Day in New Orleans, in the newly lighted Mercedes Benz Superdome!
   Today we will be pitted against the Winless Indianapolis Colts.
   I'm pretty sure we all know how THIS one is going to turn out, so without further adieu, I now bring you... Thoughts From Red!
   You remember that chick you always wanted to bang in High School, but never did? Lucky you... They just found her body in a dumpster off of Broadway, near Canal St.
   All Modern Art is Shit, especially the stuff that you find meaning in.
   If I were to die today, and have the option of coming back as anything I wanted to, I would be a Table Leg on the Dining Room Table of Henry VIII. I do not care to explain this or discuss any further.
   Did you know that if you mix apple juice with white-out, you get a deadly poison? Oh wait... That's actually apple juice, white-out, and Cyanide. My bad.
   Joel has fifty-one dollars. His Girlfriend, Andrea, has sixty-two dollars. If I rob them both, how much cash do I have?

Uploaded 10/23/2011
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