The SAT is the bastard child of medusa and Satan

My friends, this is the most unholy and wrong creation ever to be used in the history of the "Department of Education". What braindead monkey would think that a test this heinous could even be considered useful. I put a period after that instead of a question mark because i know that, given the chance, someone will offer a useful little gem such as "my daddy works for the department of education and I'll kick your ass." Yeah kid. Whatever you say. But arguments with adolescents where I will inevitably tell them they cannot speak until their balls have dropped is not the purpose of this post. Thus making my statement rhetorical. My purpose is but to tell all of you to avoid these demonic tests at all costs. If a teacher tells you to take them, smack her in the face and subsequently punch her in the ovaries using the "crescent punch method" commonly referred to as the "ovarian delight". And of course if it's a man use the same crescent punch method. But I digress as I normally do. The SAT's or student assesment tests (I believe, don't quote me on that) are to be used for acceptance into college. Now, colleges don't care that you will take a neck raping by these tests from staring at them in utter disbelief. They don't care that it's four hours long. They don't care that, to get the stress out of your system you must then find and kill a hobo. Because if you don't you'll lash out at someone of meager importance in this world. So please, do the world a favor. I've done enough math today so I can put this into mathematical terms.

You+SAT's=dead hobo=murder trial=x. x being number of years in jail. please solve for x. I say fuck you and all you stand for x. You are dead to me



*note* I wrote this on under the same name.

Uploaded 07/26/2008
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