The Savior

The Savior

A savior 'twas he s'pposed to be

A freer of humanity

The one who understood the poor

Spoke hope and change with much grandeur

The crowd did rally to his cause

And lavished him with much applause

And good he seemed on the first day

But soon his words did fade away

He showed his colors as he caved

To ev'ry whim and ev'ry wave

Of the party he opposed

A strategy they all supposed

The veil was lifted finally

And there he stood for all to see

Neglecting all he promised them

He made concessions on a whim

And soon the peoples' hearts did spy

That all they'd been told was a lie

As hard as 'twas for them to face

They had to admit his disgrace

For they were turned out in the cold

And they feared next what would unfold

We've been sold out, I heard them say

Before they turned and crawled away

Their jobs were lost, their homes foreclosed

Humiliation was imposed

In shackles they all now would be

Returned to times of slavery

Copyright © 2011 Cal Jennings

Uploaded 04/12/2011
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