The Shootdown Game

The Shootdown Game


   After Highschool 6 my friends and I moved to Tulsa and started up a roofing crew because none of us were smart enough to think college would help us out any and my buddy Brandon had been roofing with his dad since he was 8. All 7 of us moved into a 2 bedroom apt like a bunch of Mexican‘s. I think that’s how your supposed to do it when you roof in Tulsa. Every night was a party but for the most part they were all sausage party’s not that we didn’t want some pussy there it’s just when 7 guy’s are out looking if one guy gets shotdown the other 6 mercilessly make fun of him for day’s. So Brandon and I came up with an idea of how we could talk to as many girls as we wanted and get shotdown without catching hell from everyone else that’s how the shootdown game was invented.



Everyone puts 10 dollars in the pot.

First one to get shotdown by 20 girls first wins the pot.

You must approach the girl and ask for her number and get rejected for the shootdown to count.

If you get her number you lose 3 of your shootdowns. ( So if your at 15 and you get a girls number you start back at 12)


   Now all we needed was a place where 7 of us could find 20 girls each to hit on and what better place than the mall. The malls are crawling with good looking girls.

   When your trying to get a girl to reject you your gonna go up to the best looking girl you can find and say the stupidest thing you can think of. If you don’t think that sounds like fun got try it, we had a fucking blast with this game but the game started getting harder and harder to play because the more comfortable we got with getting rejected the more confident we appeared to the girl and all of the sudden we started getting really good looking girls with out even trying. I once asked this smoking hot girl if we were both squirrels if she’d let me bust a nut in her hole and she said yes it was crazy and I ended up fucking her that night. We had no idea the shootdown game was going to have this kind of effect on us. Before I go any further about this though let me tell you the funniest thing that ever happened with this game.

   We were at the mall playing and my friends Melvin and Clif were both at 19 shootdowns the next one to get rejected win’s the pot. This was in the beginning when we first started playing the game before we had to drop it down to 10 shootdowns just so we could finish in one day. Clif sees 2 fucking hot girls walking with a guy between them so he goes up to the guy and say’s “Which one’s yours “ the guy points his girlfriend so Clif looks at the other and says “So you think I can get them digits?” she says “umm yeah sure” this infuriates Clif he just got knocked down to 16 points now Melvin’s a shoe-in to win the pot. Clif puts his finger in her face and yells “NO!!! FUCKING NO GODDAMNET!!!!!” and turns around and storms off. The look on her face was the funniest thing I’d ever seen followed by her bursting into tears. The guy and girl she’s with have the whole WHAT THE FUCK looks on there face’s. After the Clif disappeared and the rest of us stopped laughing we explained the game to them so that the girl wouldn’t go home and kill herself.


   The point of this story is: The shootdown game completely changed all of our life’s forever. You know that feeling you get when your approaching a good looking girl? The adrenaline rush, nervousness, sweaty hand’s , no idea what to say. All of that is caused by the fear of rejection. Now imagine your walking up to the same good looking girl and rejection is your main goal. All those uncomfortable feelings go away. Your completely calm and confident. Women can sense confidents and there’s nothing sexier to them. We all learned how to talk to any girl anytime anywhere. We now have no fear of rejection. We learned it doesn’t matter what you say to a girl, it’s how confident you are when you say it and the body language you use which just comes natural when your not nervous in any way. With in a couple of week’s our sausage parties turned into 3 to 1 girl to guy ratio and getting laid was so easy we didn’t even try anymore we would just party until we got tired and announce that were going to bed whoever wants to fuck follow me, it never failed some girl at the party would follow you to bed every time.

   So I suggest anybody that has a fear of rejection or gets all nervous talking to girls to get some buddies together and head to the mall and play this game it will change your life.






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