The signs of suicide?????????

I didnt realise I was so up to date on the signs but I know for a fact that my next door neighbor wants to commit suicide. If you listen carefully you can hear them say I want to die. Oh it will sound more like some snide remark towards you like the other day when my neighbor parked in my spot because HE was having a party and we only get two spots. See, there it is the first early signs of wanting to die. The other day he said something to my wife and I ran into him and said if you want to die then say it again. It is real important to listen guys,the signs are out there. He throws a beer bottle on my parking spot I hear "I cant go on living". He shoots his mouth off one more time and I hear "would you please take me from this world?" So I am watching and I am ready to do whatever I can to ease this guys suffering because you see That is how I roll.


Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 11/23/2008
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