The Stations of the Drunk

he Stations of the Drunk

Station #1: "Still thirsty"-where you couldn't even taste the drink, so you go for another.

Station #2: "The liquor Dam"-where you have to piss only a little, so you hold it in until you feel your bladder has had enugh and you let out an INCREDIBLY satisfying leak

Station #3: "Leaky fawcet" - this is where you have to piss every 5 minutes, but dont trip along the way

Station #4 "Mr Talks-a-lot" - you've got a good buzz and you can't stop talking

Station #5 "everything is awesome" - where your buzz is good enough that nothing kills it, and everything, and everyone is awesome.

Station #6 "Loud mouth prick" -where you start yelling no matter how quite everyone else around you is, and your couldn't give a crap.

Station #7 "Castaway" -Where you get separated from your friends and embark on a journey that really leads you no


Station #8 "Leaning tower"  -where even though your responding you have a hard time standing, and fall once or twice on you way to the bathroom.

Station #9 "Foamburps" -when you shotgun a beer you puke up a little foam, but don't seem to care

Station #10 "Lost count" -When you have drank so much that every drink after tasted like water, and they come one after another

Station #11 "Mumbles" -where every word you say comes out wrong, and you sound like a moron.

Station #12 "Sickening" -when you are slumped over in your seat, and start puking, incessently.

Station #13 "Blackout" -Basically self explainitory

Station #14 "Unknown" -where even though you are blacked out, you still drink and cause a ruckuss (at least thats what your friends tell you the next day)

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