The Superman Webmaster Program

When Superman Returns was coming out in theaters, they had a program called the Superman Webmaster Program.  To participate, you had to put the Superman logo on your website.


In the webmaster program, you got inside information on projects they were working on.  One of the projects that seems to have ground to a halt was "Lex Returns."  I was somewhat glad to see this because it seemed like a dark perversion of the legend of Superman that the DC writers had created.

I didn't object to the story line of Superman Returns.  That simply reflects what would most probably happen were Superman alive in this day and age, though I thought it a little irresponsible of Kal-el not to tell Lois where he was going before he left.  Perhaps Lois infidelities are what made him leave without telling anyone, though.  That would certainly fit today's society and today's womens' lack of desire for anything but a "bad boy."

At this time, when kids most need a hero, even an imaginary one, it's sad to see everything going "dark."  It seems like the movie producers think the darker the better.  It's one thing to have Superman experience real life situations that normal people would, but to totally pervert the character is not in the best interest of our youth.  Glorification of villain types is not in the best interest of society.  When all that is presented are gangstas and villains for youth to look up to, how do you expect them to turn out?  Maybe Hollywood needs to rethink what it's doing to the comic book heroes?

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