The Sweet Words of A Anti Theist

It would appear my philosophical writings and ideas have attracted the attention of a new friend who harbors deep affection for me. What deep yearnings and passions my words can instill, that even I am stunned by their powers.

These sweet sentiments are so colorful, so emotionally over whelming I could not keep them all to myself. So I will share them with all of you.

ANALwithCHRISTApr 29, 2012 09:26 pm
Already I have only been on this site for days and have already became a huge fan of your blogs and writing style. Please keep it up.

ANALwithCHRISTApr 29, 2012 10:11 pm RE: RE: Already

I really am a great fan of your blogs, lately I have come to like them so much that I have began fantasizing about you spitting on my asshole and calling me scum. I get an extremely hard erection when reading your blogs, I obsess over you every day and want to make you my slave, I want you cutting deep holes in my body with a knife and filling them with your seed. soon these holes will be impregnated and I will have your babies through my skin. I have decided my obsession for you is dangerous and I should stop contacting you before I end up hurting you

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