The time a huge incarcerated man made me cry




a nice little story of my sodomization, I know thats what you guys are hoping to read



This is long, and I am sorry for that, but I promise that it is worth reading...  Ebaums chopped the shit out of this when I wrote it this morning, and I thought it would fit into two blogs, but ebaums had other plans...

So please follow me through ...




The story of Cindy Jumper


It goes like this




I had a few best friends in high school, and one of them was Cindy.  A pretty nice girl who wasn't extremely popular but definitely not unliked.  She rode the middle ground.




She always bragged about her father to us in school and would bring these amazing things in that her real dad, who was in prison, would make for her.  An amazing decorated burned leather purse, better than any souvenir shop could sell, was among those items that I remember.  Gorgeous picture frames, bags, wallets, notebook covers, and other items that were crafted with a skill that you would never believe came from a man in prison.  She loved her dad and talked about him daily, though she had never met him.




She also had another "dad".  Her step father, who was the reason that Cindy was removed from her home in our small town and placed with the only foster parents that resided there.  This town was tiny, around 700 people, so everyone knew everyone and everyone's business.  She had been placed into the foster home because Cindy's mom refused to press charges against her "then" husband for molesting Cindy when she was in 7th grade.  Is it molestation at that point or rape?  Not sure... The state took her (though she was still in the same town, and was still in a house just blocks from her home) until the authorities could get enough evidence to charge the step-father without the mothers cooperation.  They succeeded and he went to jail, sending Cindy back home to live with her mom and her little sister and little brother, both atleast 10 years younger than her, and both were the children of the step-father.  Maybe Cindy not being his biological daughter made him think it was OK to have his way with her, but he ended up paying for it during her 9th grade year in high school.




Her step-dad constantly threatened her from jail, saying he was going to kill her and her mother when he got out.  She used to tell us these things in school, but as kids, you never really put much stock into those things, and besides, she always said it in a half-hearted, semi-joking tone.




About a year and a half later, at 6:15am on a Thursday, I stumble down to the end of my long ass country driveway and wait for the bus to school.  He was noticeably late, which was terribly unlike our bus driver who could maneuver a huge bus 60+ mph down back country dirt roads during a blizzard, and was always on time.




He finally arrived and I could tell that he was visibly shaken.  An ex-football coach for the town and school, he retired and started driving the school bus because he was eternally attached to the school system.  He was a hard old man, never showing emotion and still hid it pretty well this morning.  He didn't say anything, but instead just closed the bus door behind me and took off down the dirt road.




The air in the bus was THICK.  Walking down the aisle, I felt as if I was wading through syrup, and the normal hierarchy of seating had been abandoned.  A few girls in the front rows were crying.  Some friends of mine at the back were talking quietly while one kid, notorious for his crudeness, was talking normally.  I asked what the fuck was going on and before anyone could answer, the asshole kid hollered "Cindy Jumpers Dead!"  He got some shitty looks from the other kids and followed it up with "who cares, fuck her, she was a bitch",  Everyone was a bitch in his eyes (he was later interviewed for the News and that was when he broke down and cried, and it was captured for the world to see.  Karma is ... well ... a bitch).




At school it was absolute chaos, like the morning of 911.  Nothing happening the way it should, classes not on schedule, tons of extra people at the school like reporters, grief counselors etc... The entire next few months were a mess.




Turns out that her step-dad got out and Cindy's mother didn't bother to tell anyone.  Not her family, not even HER for that matter.  He got out of prison and went straight to their house after getting his gun from his mother's place.  His mother, who coincidentally didn't bother to notify anyone that her son, came home, grabbed his gun, and immediately headed out, as his first act after getting out of prison, later admitted to her folly.




He got to Cindys house and made her (at gunpoint) wait in the bedroom, while he took his two kids, and made them walk next door.  He then killed Cindy's mom, and proceeded to Cindy's room and shot her with a pillow over her head to muffle the noise.





To be continued immediately, trust me, the best part is yet to come....


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