The time I ate my friends piss

Years ago I was at a party with some of my closest friends. As I was drinking my face off with a few of my buddies another buddy entered the house laughing hysterically.


"Dude...Dude...I just pissed on a cat", he said. We all had a big laugh about this because if you have ever tried to piss on a cat you know that this is a hard thing to accomplish.


As the night progressed I found myself spending large amounts of time with a certain young lady. Everyone else had passed out but me and her were still drinking, talking and laughing. I got fucking hungry so I started going through my friends cupboard and I found a jar of peanutbutter. Peanutbutter is fucking amazing. So I started eating it right out of the jar with my bare hands. This girl playfully tried to stop me so I went to wipe some on her face...and she sucked it off. I was like SCWING and she started trying to wipe it on my face and I would lick it off of her fingers. So yadda yadda yadda the next morning comes and I am sitting with this girl and my buddy that pissed on a  cat. This orange cat walks by and he says:


"Dude that is the cat I pissed on". We laughed again...but the girl said "that is the cat I was petting last night and I couldn't figure out why it was all wet".


WTF she pet the pissed on cat with her bare hands and then fed me peanutbutter from these same hands.


That is the story of the time I ate my friends piss.

Uploaded 04/30/2011
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