The trouble with Iran...

     I hate getting involved in any sort of political debate, but this bullshit with Iran has really got my blood boiling. I am sick and tired of our patient government here in the states playing piss hockey with a subject that could lead to the oppression and possible torture of our neighbors and allies in the east. Iran says it wants to explore nuclear energy for civilian purposes, but I think we all know that when you have spent the past 10 or 15 years building an army that  would make Hitler proud, and bitching and moaning about the Jews and Israel, that when you all of sudden decide you wanna research and develop nuclear energy you can understand why the rest of us just chuckle as if it were a joke. But that's just it... IT'S NOT A FUCKING JOKE!!
     To long have we sat back and shaken our heads, and wagged our fingers at countries like Iran. To long have we sat idly by and let the rest of the world get away with shit like this and sit in the audience as if it were a bad stand up comedy act that was waiting to get booed off stage. The problem is that it's not gonna just fizzle out and go away like a trend. Not since WWII have we as Americans been able to elect a president with the balls to say "enough is fucking enough". I'm not trying to say that America should be some kind of schoolyard big kid who beats up the bully for the weaker ones, but the fact remains that we have those capabilities to do so, and you can't deny that the majority of the world kind of expects us to. Amiright?

     So, The United States threatens an embargo, and Iran, in response says that if that happens that they will close the Strait of Hormuz, shutting off a major oil supply to the rest of the world, AND then adds the punchline that they vow to punish America and Israel for recent assassinations of some of their nuclear scientists, even though we, along with Israel deny any involvement. Not saying we did, or didn't, but is there any proof? We're pretty good at covering our tracks anyway.

     Experts and former presidential advisers are claiming that the time for talk is coming to an end, and that the inevitability of war is on the horizon. In the mean time,  Ahmadinejad is driving his own country in poverty because of his ignorant economic policies, and gas prices everywhere hop on the sky train causing everyone else to struggle as well.

     Our world is led by ego maniacs! They care nothing for the well being of the ones they represent. While we struggle, we have to listen to them argue and threaten, and make demands all the while spouting off about how much they care for us and our neighbors. In war, there are many civilian casualties. If they cared so much about us, then why aren't they making a better effort to keep that from happening?

     I think America and UN needs to get the "Jonah Hex" mindset and put our foot down on the matter once and for all... Iran can make threats to us all, but god damnit, when don't need to make threats. We need to make promises, and stop having this circle jerk!

     My two cents, anyway...
Uploaded 02/21/2012
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