The true documentary of gnome and tomlet.



        It was a warm summer morning when gnome woke up to tomlet's saggy old grey haired balls rubbing across his face and tickling his moustache. gnome gave his nuts a nibble and went up to get some coffee, Tomlet asked " Where are you going lover, I still gotta get my anus bleached and I still got some hot gay loving waitin for ya. ". Gnome replied " I will be back in a second i'm gonna go get some coffee, Don't worry I still got a raging hard on that needs to be taught a lesson." So gnome made his way to the coffee machine walking like a penguin with a rusty metal pipe in his ass, He filled a cup with his warm brew and made his way back to there room were they continued to eat cheetos and blog about how gay there lives are. Than gnome said in an excited voice, " Oh I just got an Idea!" Tomlet replied " More but sex!", " No my ass is still sore from all the animals you shoved in it last night, I was thinking we could go to the mall and get a mannicure ". Tomlet replied " That sounds fantabulous! " 

Gnome started his little pink moped while tomlet put on his tight leather crotch huggers. They both put on there helmets and drove off. Finally they arrived at the mall when Tomlet said, " Gnomey I have to poop! " Gnome replied " Just do it on the sidewalk noone will notice. " Tom did as gnome said, and used a stray cat as toilet paper.

   They finally arrived and decided to take a detour into express for men, Where they bought 3 pairs of flip flops and a mega XL black dildo. Tom said " I cant wait to try this out on your tight little ass when we get home ", tomlet playfully grabbed gnome's ass and gnome said " Tom, Stop it I dont want to get caught with a hard on in public ". Than a devestating event ocurred as gnome reached into his little pink handbag and realised that he had left his 20% off manicure coupon at home, and the mall was closing in 5 minutes. Tom gave gnome a piggy back ride back to there moped where they sped off down the highway as fast as they could. TO BE CONTINUED






Uploaded 03/29/2010
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