The Truth of the World

      This, obviously, isn't the only truth. But it is one of them. Atrocities happen on an hourly basis. Injustices occur at an even faster rate. Watching Criminal Minds, SVU, the news, and other media is only a small fraction of all of the sick and twisted things that happen to people on a daily basis. We all read or hear the statistics. One out of six women in the US of A have either been raped, sexually assaulted, or had an attempt made on them of such a caliber.  People like the guys depicted in "Three Guys, One Hammer" walk amongst us while we're none-the-wiser.
      Psychosis is like cancer cells. It can lie dormant for years, decades, without ever being activated. But the risk, which is higher for some, is still ever present. I'm not talking about a neurotic symptom of a disorder like having to turn a light switch on-and-off three times before you leave a room, though someone with a more dangerous psychological disorder may express and take part in more "base-line" actions like this. No. I'm talking about the people who should be held in the "danger to others and themselves" area of Shutter Island. No, not every one is like this. Not even most people are like this. But one person can affect so many people. It's rather daunting.

      Do I always think like this? No. In fact, I seldom do. This just happens to be one of the nights that I do. I'm usually not one lead to paranoia. I'm the sound minded one saying "[i]t probably won't happen to you." But tonight, I'm one of those "lock every door thrice" kind of people. I was the kid who ran up the steps quickly scared that a Silent Hill-esque creature was quickly following me racing the me as the darkness nipped at my heels to cut my tendons. I was the teenager who jogged at night so no one saw him. The street lights always seemed to go out as I ran under them.
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