The Typical Ebaumsworld Blogger Part 2

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen.  For those of you joining us for the first time, this blogging series is a documentary, where we venture into the warped minds and souls, of the ebaumsworld blogging section.  I'm your host, ebaumBLOGGER.  Join us on a boring, yet insightful trip down ebaumsworld blogging lane, where we uncover the hidden truths and secrets about the typical ebaumsworld blogger.  In the last episode, we ended with one of the prominent species in todays blogging world over at ebaums: str8jcktgurl.  She had just finished her gay courtship with another blogger, Platypuss.  And I say "gay" courtship because during our break, we recently discovered that both of these bloggers do, indeed, have penises.  In fact, our blogographers found that str8jcktgurl has 2 penises, which leads us to believe she may play a more important role in the douchebaggery of the ebaumsworld blogging domain than we thought.  So, after a morning of hot gay sex with one of her many gay lovers, our blogger, str8jcktgurl settles down to bitch about how she doesnt like things are going in the blogging world.  Oh my, look at this.  A plague appears to have struck the blogging community.  It appears that a school of one of the primary predators of the ebaumsworld blogger, the "Thumbs down fairy" has ventured into the blogging domain.  This intrusion will definitely put the survivability of the bloggers to the test.  Fortunately, they have weathered many similiar intrusions before, so they seem well-prepared.  Oh no!  It appears that str8jcktgurl has gotten butthurt, and has trampled out of the room like a little girl, stomping on the ground because her parents didnt give her cookies and a pony.  She has left this blogging domain for the time being because she got utterly pwned in the face by the thumbs down fairies.  And now, her gay lover, platypuss is begging for forgiveness and asking everyone to be peaceful and happy again.  To make matters worse, someone else seems to be using her/his/it's avatar, and Platypuss has gotten butthurt over it.  :(  Will Platypuss's wishes come to fruition?  Will the royal ass of the blogging community, str8jcktgurl, come out of hiding to save the blogging community from certain destruction?  Will I eat eggs for breakfast tomorrow morning?  or will I have toast?  All of these exciting questions will be answered in the next episode of, The Typical Ebaumsworld Blogger.  Stay tuned everybody, as this exciting story unravels. 

Uploaded 05/12/2009
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