The Typical Ebaumsworld Blogger Part 3

  Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, to the riveting blog series:  The Typical Ebaumsworld Blogger.  For those of you just joining us, this is a documentary series of blogs in which we take a journey into the world of ebaumsworld bloggers.  Here, we hope to unearth the deepest, darkest, truths and secrets about the typical ebaumsworld blogger, and find out just what makes them tick. 

   In our previous episode, we left with the Ebaumsworld Blogtopia in peril, as the evil, mighty Thumb Down Fairies began their assault on the peaceful blogging community.  The local town celebrity, str8jcktgurl, got all butthurt and threw a hissy fit, storming out of the blogging domain like a 12 year old girl experiencing her first period.  Ewww, vaginal bloody messes galore.  Meanwhile, her gay lover, Platypuss became all emo because someone has stolen her ugly ass avatar.  To cope with the problem, she simply sat and cried in a corner, while cutting herself like the emo bitch she is.  All the while the Ebaumsworld Blogtopia remains in perilous disarray at the hands of the Thumbs Down Fairies.  An all out war is on the horizon.  Lets find out what happens, shall we? 

  With the 2 royal gay lovers besieged, the opportunity for a newer, better, stronger blogger to take leadership has risen.  With this opportunity, many have stepped up for the cause.  Tomlet, a hairy little blog fodder has stepped up to the plate, trying to form an alliance against a recent local enemy, the Pooped One.  It was originally his belief that the evil Pooped One summoned the Thumbs Down Fairies to wreak havoc on the Ebaumsworld Blogging Community, and therefore, he believes that by defeating the wretched Pooped One, the Thumbs Down Fairies will easily fall, without their chief commander.  Another prominent blogger, Sindicate, of the 31st blogging batallion has started operations in disarming the Pooped One, but progress seems slow at the moment.  Meanwhile, the "Big Bad One" (BBO for short) has decided to start at the heart of the problem:  the Thumbs Down Fairies themselves.  Here, he hopes to gather a larger number of bloggers to thumb each other down.  Perhaps his thoughts are that if the blogging domain is crapped on more than usual, the Thumbs Down Fairies will go elsewhere?  No one knows for sure. 

  Finally, an unlikely nomadic hero, White_Chocolate has stepped up to the plate.  Although he hasnt specifically cited an arch enemy yet, its clear that through his fierce look, and brave determination, he will play a pivotal role in the extermination of the Thumbs Down Fairies in the future. 

  Meanwhile, as the Ebaumsworld Blogging community is slowly being dismantled by this mysterious force, the Thumbs Down Fairies appear to be coming in larger and larger numbers, hell-bent on destroying all in their path.  The once peaceful community of Ebaumsworld Blogtopia is threatened by the greatest force ever to challenge it.  Will the blogging community overcome this great threat?  Will an unlikely hero emerge stop put a stop to the ravaging of the Ebaumsworld Blogtopia?  Am I typing in paragraphs of my own accord?  Or because the Pooped One made me see the error of my ways? 

Tune in next time, to see the first phase of the true BlogBattle Royale: Bloggers vs. Fairies.  Next time, on The Typical Ebaumsworld Blogger.

Uploaded 05/13/2009
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