The Typical Ebaumsworld Blogger Part 4 The Final Stand

  The riveting tale of the typical ebaumsworld blogger continues.  The final battle is running nigh on the horizon.  Who will win?  The ebaumsworld bloggers, or the mysterious and mighty force of the Thumbs Down Fairies?

  The battle of BlogLand tolled the greater part of the destruction of the Ebaumsworld Bloggers' armies.  At Blog River, Sindicate's 31st blogger batallion suffered a wretched defeat to the Thumbs Down Fairies, ultimately causing Sindicate to "shut the fuck up."  Meanwhile, the battle at Blog Hill, where tomlet allied with The Big Bad One allowed the Thumbs Down Fairies to penetrate into the defenses of the blogger territory.  Reports are, this wasnt the only penetration going on, if you know what I mean.

  Finally, over at BlogTopia central headquarters, the Thumbs Down Fairies eventually overthrew Wallboy, and took over the palace that had previously been occupied by str8jcktgurl and her gay boyfriend, Platypuss. 

  It would seem, the Ebaumsworld Blogger's fate had been decided.  The Thumbs Down Fairies had gained control over Greater BlogTopia, and only a miracle could reverse the situation. 

  Fortunately, a brave, unlikely hero had slipped past the Thumbs Down Fairies defenses.  White_Chocolate, an outcast who had been exiled from BlogTopia, mounted a final assault on the Thumbs Down Fairies at BlogTopia central headquarters.  His infantrymen defeated, he would have to overthrow the Thumbs Down Fairies single-handedly.  A fools errand, it would seem.  But still, his cause did not falter, for he had a plan:

Step One: Infiltrate the Thumbs Down Fairies defenses at BlogTopia HQ.

Step Two: ???

Step Three: PROFIT!

  And just as quickly as it began, the great BlogTopian war had ended.  White_Chocolate returned to BlogTopia as a hero -- a legend in his own time.  The peoples of Blogtopia welcomed him as a hero, appointing him the new king of the Ebaumsworld Blogging Community.  And for years to come, bards across the land sang praises in his name, letting future generations know of his exploits that had brought peace back the Ebaumsworld BlogNation.  And thus, the ebaumsworld blogging community was safe (?) once again. 

  May the people of the ebaumsworld blogging community remember the fallen in battle, as they fought valiantly, and laid down their lives in an effort to strive for further peace in Ebaumsworld BlogTopia.  str8jcktgurl, Platypuss, tomlet, Sindicate, the Big Bad One, and wallboy: your names will forever be in our hearts.  We salute you.

  And I, to the people of the new era of BlogTopia:  sing praises to your new king, defender of BlogTopia, and keeper of the peace.  All hail White_Chocolate!


Uploaded 05/14/2009
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