The Typical Ebaumsworld Blogger

Good evening ladies and gentlemen.  Tonight, we study the rare species of the typical ebaumsworld blogger.  This species is so rare because theyre incredibly dumb, and its a suprise in itself that these half-witted dumb fucks can even manage to use a keyboard, let alone type complete sentences with it.  Still, they have managed to thrive over here at ebaumsworld, by creating a sanctuary for themselves where they can ponder meaningless topics and write "deep" journal entries that are insignificant.  Still, these bloggers take pride in their cesspool of blogging over here, as they argue and bitch amongst each other and try to keep other new people from joining in on the fun.  A day in the life of the typical ebaumsworld blogger begins fairly normally:  by waking up after only 2 hours of sleep so they can obsess over who may or may not have responded to their most recent blog.  Oh, look here.  There's a terrific species right now.  We'll call her str8jcktgurl, because she really is that stupid to have a name like that.  Watch as she looks at all the new blogs, and curdles in fear over the sight of the newest blogger's blogs on here.  Oh!  Whats this?  It appears she is bitching out at a new blogger becuase its her time of the month and she just left a nasty bloodstain in her bed, so shes going to take out her anger on him to make herself feel better.  Once the new blogger has successfully been neutralized, str8jcktgurl's domain is safe once again, and she may blog in peace.  She begins to write a blog about how new people need to stop bitching around here when she is the only one bitching.  This makes her feel better about herself.  Oh my!  look at that!  Platypuss has arrived on the scene.  She seems to be courting str8jcktgurl.  Oh my god, theyre having hot lesbian sex!  Oh false alarm, platypuss just pulled out her cock.  I guess its straight sex afterall.  after the sexual encounter, both bloggers continue blogging on ebaumsworld and trying to make their epeen bigger (yes, even str8jcktgurl has an epeen.  In fact, I bet she has a real peen hidden under her bloodstained fecal matter panties somewhere).  More to come on the next episode of:  The Typical Ebaumsworld Blogger

Uploaded 05/11/2009
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