The Userplane Days ebaumsworldchat

Well I figured I'd share my story of when I was a mod when ebaumsworldchat were Userplane at one time. This was about three/four years ago believe it or not. At a time where one-hundred users flourished the chat it was nothing but dudes whacking off on cam 85% of the time. Which was alright because my ban hammer was stern, but fair. The other 15% were regulars, hot girls on cam, admin/mods, etc...which was cool. One thing that was always certain during that time was drama, people in there took everything so serious and bitch and moaned about it. I'm not complaining about that, because it was really entertaining for the most part, as long as you weren't included. But at some point I was, but I didn't care. Another blunder from the Userplane days was the hotgirls I recalled earlier...some certainly did have a cam, but others just had some pictures, and a myspace and so forth. I'd say 10 girls from that chat were discovered fake at that time, which always shocked everyone in the chat because they were regulars and so forth. People from the chat would investigate every girl who went in there to see if they were in fact real, or fake. This was done I believe because people would get so close telling these strangers/friends personal things and to what out that they are not who they are pisses them off. At a time where "Zark" ran things it slowly drained the ebaumschat and spammers began to arrive. Our ban hammers tried to cure that, but then turkish hackers soon arrived and hacked the chat, thus freezing the chat, so all the users had nothing they could do, except to leave the chat and come back. Unfortunately, the turks would do it again and again, so many people left the chat. Leaving the chat dead and not worthy.

On the positive side of things, I've seen some crazy shit when being mod. When being a mod at that time, you had to click on there screen-name, thus if they had a cam, and it was had no choice to view them no matter what. Well, besides seeing the wankers/pedos on cam, there was a guy on cam with the screen name "Loverboy". The guy was in his 30's, sitting on a chair(so what right?) well, think again for this man was wearing womans lingerie and sippin' wine! And that's not all! The man was listening to some music and suddenly got up and started dancing, shaking his ghostly white ass. I refused to ban this man because he was entertaining. So, after he finished, he sat down, gathered himself, and typed..." I danced." LOL

Thanks for reading, Userplane Days Part 2 Coming soon


Uploaded 04/17/2010
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