The Walking Dead Season 3 Sneak Peek

This Fall's new season of The Walking Dead was a mystery for months. The screenwriters are afraid the viewers won't like the gory events that are about to happen, since the show follows a comic book, which is known for being extremely violent and even the main characters die gruesome deaths. 

Hank Robertson, one of the screen writers for the new season answered some of the most popular questions for the Meowly Meowmeow magazine. If you're a fan, thread easily. There's gonna be SPOILERS.

T(he) M(eowly) M(eowmeow): I'm sure everyone agrees this is the most often asked question - Will Rick get his hand chopped off in the show?

H(ank) (R)obertson: The hand cutting scene is one of the most important parts of the comic book and a turning point. A lot revolves around the fact Rick and Glenn get kidnapped and tortured early in season 3. It shows how it's the humans who can be more savage than the zombies sometimes. Yes, I understand it's something the viewers might not like, but it's necessary. As for the gory part - you could see Dale get ripped apart already in season 2. The show's earlier seasons had its share of extremely brutal scenes.

TMM:  How about Lori? Will that piece of trash get killed already?

HR: As far as that hand scene is early on in the new season, Lori getting killed... not saying that she's getting killed... but Lori getting killed in the comic book was something that happened much later on. We also know that not everything happens the same way in the show as in the comic book. For example, Sophia never gets killed or turns into a zombie in the comic book.

TMM: That and there's no Darryl.

HR: (laughs) Yeah, Darryl is a character that was introduced in the show and doesn't show up in the comic book. He was voted the favorite character on numerous forums. I can also assure the viewers there's gonna be much more Darryl in the new season. A lot of people complained about him not getting enough screen time.

TMM: How about Darryl's brother? Is he alive? Will he show up during the new season?

HR: I can't answer that question. I'm not supposed to. (laughs)

TMM: So I take it that's a "yes"?

HR: It's not a "no." (laughs)

TMM: There's a black guy in the show appearing so rarely that almost nobody knows what his name is.

HR: No, that's not true. His name is T-Rex or T something. (laughs) He has a name.

TMM: Is he the screen version of Tyreese from the comic book?

HR: Those are two different characters. Tyreese is not in the show.

TMM: Should we expect more surprises in the show that were not in the comic book?

HR: Naturally. I'd like to point out Rick Grimes from the show is not the same Rick Grimes from the comic book. Andrew Lincoln portrays the character in a very unique way and it's one of the greatest things about the TV production - the characters might be based on the comic book, but the actors give them a whole new quality. Most of the cast didn't read the comic book, because they didn't want to ruin the act with behavior the fans of the comic book version expected. The show is a fresh idea, I call it an experiment that worked better than planned. Its popularity is stunning. It's much more than AMC expected when they aired the first, test season.

TMM: Thank you for the interview.

HR: Thank YOU. You're very beautiful and professional. First class reporter.

TMM: *giggles*

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