The Wallsheep Editorial

This evening, folks, The Sheepmeister wants to put aside his journalistic shield and tell you how I really feel.

Wallboy: you ain't really as bad as we all think you are, are you? Seriously, once in a blue moon you drop your facade and admit you don't believe your own bullshit, that you're trying to do what, well, I do ever so grandly--mocking the pundits through exaggeration and hyperbole.

So, my biggest too beefs with you are these: YOU AIN'T FUNNY. Enough, anyway. You illicit the occassional chuckle, but really, Wall, it aint that good. Please, turn up the humour or be serious. You're in Comedic Limobo, and it's putting us through hell.

Second: you keep wearing your bullshit on your sleeve like an oblivious veterinary gynecologist. It makes you look stupid, and that's no way to make friends and influence people. Seriously, the only guy who doesn't call you retarded on here is Tomlet, and well, he's a loon. Love ya Tom, but you are OUT there sometimes, but at least you maintain tone and back up your opinions with your side of the facts (which are just as valid as the other "facts").

"Wallboy's Mom": Let me spread a word of warning--this ain't my first rodeo, Chumley. Too many cooks spoil the soup. Especially those that don't try to work on their craft of humor. Seriously. Either come up with a cute story like LARD INFAMOUS, or figure out how to do satire, or at least assemble your trash in a comprehensible order, or G T F O. You will ruin it by going on as you have. Seriously.

This might be a spoiler to my true ID, but I was a founder of the old RJ Family, and Lord Unfamous. Fortunately, CJ deleted Unfamous so Lard could come in and make us all L our A's O. If it had been a pile-on, like the various RJs, it would have been gone in two friekin' weeks too.

So please, please stop.


Thank you for patronizing me, and look forward to more Wallsheep NewsHours in the future, all my faithful followers.


You know, I should come up with some catchy nickname for all you devotees and followers of mine, but nothing springs to mind. BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Uploaded 10/31/2009
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