THE WAR HAS BEGUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to get this started the right way,so here I go.Hey wallboy did you here about that fucking bush,he started a fucking war,he got a bunch of men and women soldiers killed for nothing,he authorized the military to torch er innocent Muslim extremist,he authorized the military to kick down doors in the middle of the night and terrorize innocent women and children,he seeded the clouds and caused Katrina and then he left all those people stranded in a flood and let us not forget that he wouldn't let them use the 200 school buses to get the people out along with all the wide screen TVs' that they just ripped off.I'm sure I left some things out,so feel free to to let me know so that I can use them next time.Now, I am a tea party person I am exercising my right to peacefully protest,but the left has chosen to take it in a different direction on orders from their chosen leader to take it up a notch.We are not funded by any political group,we just want the fucking dems and repubs to stop spending our money.Last night the SEIU took it up a notch and assaulted a innocent man.They did this because they are thugs and cool aid drinkers.I to am ready to take it up a notch also, so just remember you threw the first punch but you can bet your ass I will throw the last. 

Uploaded 08/07/2009
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