The Weekly Phive

              Here is another collection of 5 awesome songs that gonzolo73 and myself like.
                        This weeks Weekly Phive is based on Horror themed songs.
                                As you know...Like it, hate it, we don't give a shit! :)

         We're going to kick off the Weekly Phive with this song named " Dream Warriors" by Dokken. Back then, it was a soundtrack from the movie A Nightmare On Elm Street 3.
                          Prepare your listening pleasure, it's Rokken with Dokken time.

                           Rob Zombie has a renowned affinity for all things horror. The name "White Zombie" is from a 50's horror movie and "Dragula" was Herman Munster's hotrod! Also, some may remember this while playing Twisted Metal 4 on their ol' Playstation. Fun Facts!

                            When Lemmy covers an Ozzy tune, Satan shits himself. FACR
                                            Here's Hellraiser by Motorhead


                 Alice Cooper claims that an Ouija Board suggested that he was the reincarnation
                  of a 17th century witch with the name Alice Cooper, and thus the band's name ...
                                                Alice Cooper - Steven


                 With a bone chilling intro by Vincent Price here is Iron Maidens song
                                                " The Number of the Beast"



                         Well there you have it for this week's Weekly Phive blog. If any other users or blogger's would like to participate by all means do so. I know deevo25 did one that was great,so if you're bored throw together a theme with 5 tunes of your choice and give a little description if you'd like. Hope you all enjoyed your Labor Day Weekend!

                                                        - Yank


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