the whale fallacy

I have to wonder what the eff has overtaken people. Now I do not agree with this policy, but it was my previous understanding that when an animal kills someone they kill it back. This whale at seworld, whatever the name is, killed three people to date. I grant not one of these deaths was the whales fault, he doesn't deserve to die. What I'm pissed about is the double standard. If ym dog bit two people in non fatal ways the law would have him put down, no trial and no argument. I see news casters feeling sorry for this whale and what's to be done with it. Not one sugestion it be killed. Again, I don't think it should be killed but what the fuck is with this standard for whales? Why does everyone have sympathy for one animal and not others? I see animals put down all the time without a shrug if they even think it's gonna kill somebody. Why is an animal that can generate a massive profit exempt? is this just more proof that money is more valid then life? somebody explain.

Uploaded 02/26/2010
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