The worst few minutes of my life

I have just witnessed the most GAY, RIDICULOUS, and MOST WORTHLESS video of my entire history of using the internet. I was expecting something totally fucking stupid when I opened the video, "Kid Dances Like a Fool", but this fat, guillo-wannabe, cock-slurping piece of shit has taught me something: you can't expect to go looking around on websites and not expect to find something that will scar you. I mean, I've wanked to 2 Girls 1 Cup, 4 Girls Fingerpainting, Tubgirl, etc. I've even had a pleasant time watching the final rounds of the BME Pain Olympics, but this has made me die more than a little inside. Now I'm going to have nightmares about some fat gay kid waving his arms around his head and shaking his flabby ass around in front of a camera. Who expects to find friends if you lock yourself in your room playing shitty music and shake your gellatenous nipples in front of a camera!? He was fucking serious, and even asked for people to subscribe to that shit...

"Oh jesusth, if you can't wait to see me shake my foldsth for Youtube again, please sthubsthcribe to me!"

I wish that I could take a knife and cut out his eyes, cut off his puny sack, and stuff his testicles in his eye sockets so all of his friends would have something pretty to look at while they skull-fuck his cock-gape of a mouth. After his skull is full of cum, then I'd slit his nostrils open so as to relieve pressure. Then to slit his neutered cock and burn his nipples. In fact, his whole lower jaw should be surgically removed so the next time he tries to suck some monster cock, he won't have a sore mouth with which to make that annoying lisp. I want to see his parents tie him up in their basement and videotape rats eat his genitals and incubate in his intestines until he's lost enough weight that he doesn't shake the fucking floor whenever he takes a step. Maybe if he survives this insane torture experience, he will be lucky and off himself with a razor blade like the rest of the faggots who have gone emo. When his parents come home and find his deprived body in the bathtube, covered in blood, they will have such expressions of joy on their faces that the whole world will become just a little happier of a place =)

Uploaded 10/10/2008
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