The Worst "That Guy"

I fuckin like this string a lot.  I'm gonna have a lot of these 'that guys', cause there's only 2 things that piss me off in this world, and one of them is people.  The other one is mexican people.

The worst "That Guy" is definitely "That Guy" at the bar with the popped collar and the sunglasses on who uses tanner and spikes his hair with ice spiker and wears armani cologne and drives a BMW.  No real man fucking likes that guy.

He always has to be Italian, which pisses me right the fuck off, cause I'm Italian, and it makes me look bad by proxy.  Excuse me, "armando" or whatever the gay your name is, you need to stand in front of a mirror the next time you get dressed, and seriously reconsider your lifestyle choices.  I mean, any man who can go to a tanning salon, get sprayed with tanner, then come home, spike his hair, put on gucci sunglasses, 2 popped collars, enyce jeans and some pumas has to be gay.  My reasoning is simple; straight men don't have the patience to go through that many steps of preperation.

I don't know about the rest of you but if i had to start getting ready for my night at 6:30pm, I'd fucking kill myself.  I barely get my pants on before I start considering just staying in to save myself the effort.  I mean, these guys take entire days to get ready to go out for one night, i mean, thats what the women folk are supposed to do!  We go work all day, and they run around and spend our money on pointless shit that they don't need like vaginal reconstructive surgery at the age of 65 when no one wants to go anywhere near their old ass cooze anyway.

That guy fucking sucks.  Next time you see that guy, smack that guy in the fucking balls, and watch yourself be amazed when he doesn't even flinch because he doesn't have a penis, but in fact, a vagina.


Uploaded 12/15/2008
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