There is Nothing Wrong

I see the blogs on line tosay and how so many say that there is something wrong with children and their way they have education but none of it is wrong.

People forget what it was like when they grew up as kids. They made the same mistakes just a different way. Kids that talk in l33t are no different than the kids that used ebonics. They are both okay and it's teachers that need to learn to speak to the kids not the other wa around.

People are just jealous because kids today have things that adults wish they had when they were growing up like cell phones and ipods when all you had was a walk man tape player. Beside with spell checkers and stuff who needs to know that shit anyway.

All of the stupid suedo intellectuals who wroe blogs against what is happening today using computer thesauruses and quoting statistic that don't mean anything should just get a life. There is nothing wrong today. Change will come because of people stopping being so negative about other people. That's all the change we need because there's nothing else wrong.

Uploaded 11/17/2008
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