They are scared and should be..........

I watched the love fest tonight or some may call it the ANNUAL Republican kiss kiss. If there is anything more full of crap it was the liberal equal, The democratic kiss kiss. I watched it for one reason, Palin. I have this theory that if you want to know something about somebody you wait and hear it from them not the liberal news channels. That way you can call them on it when they lie.


So what I got so far is she is a hard working woman who has worked her way up and she has this funny thing about her, she has a family that keeps screwing up and YET she still loves them and supports them. She feels that a woman can work and raise a family like most of Americans do. She makes her choices and stands behind them and I can already see the cattiness of other women standing behind her with a cross and nails. I watched and listened to her tonight answering all the little "none of their business" questions. I could almost see it in her eyes knowing its not going to matter because the people who already had their mind made up about her will not change their mind because that would mean she was right and they weren't.


As many of you know I have daughters and NOW for the first time I really do think women have a real chance and that means my daughters do too. When I turned off the TV to come upstairs and come on here I was thinking I wish I could write as well as alot of you can. I wished that I could come close to telling you what I saw tonight. When you watched the exchange between this woman and her family you saw REAL love for one another. The things she has done as mayor and then Governor speaks for itself and I wish it was the Palin/McCain ticket instead of the other way around.


Pay Attention and watch her because she will not let you down, I really do believe this and if given the chance you will see it also. NO you will not agree with her 100% of the time but do you ever agree with a politician?


Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 09/03/2008
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