Things I KNOW about 300 dolla kadalak.

Mr. Kadalak or "Inchworm" as he is known to his comrades, is a self promoting, wannabe rapper with such inglorious song titles as:

Fart Factory

Twat o roota

Swap-Meet Pussy

Bitches, Benjamins and Blunts

Get Yo Burgle On

Da Boo Boo Attic

Mr. Worm claims that he has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ:


"Ayo... yo. Yo check dis out my niggas.

Some of yall know dat I be down wid da lord up in hrrr.

I love me some jesus and da lord and da holy ghost and shit for real dawg.

Da lord be done save a niggas life many times.

Da lord be done save a niggas life many times".

Mr. Worm claims to be a preacher of the gosples and has been directed by his compadre, one Mr. Cosmic to "drop some knowledge about da lord and jesus and da bible and shit up on dis site".

It is the claim of Mr. Worm that the inspiration for his music is given to him by the Holy Trinity...hmmmm.

Apararantly the great "I AM" likes to get his groove on to the Swap-Meet Pussy beats:

"We started kickin' it and it was mad niggerish man, which was right up my alley.

Swap Meet Pussy, Get Your Money, Swap Meet Pussy, Get your honey."

It is clearly evident that Mr. Worm's personal relationship with Jesus inspired that song.  Yes...he MUST be a man of God.

Furthermore...Mr. Worm fancies himself a chef with his awe inspiring recipie for "Ripple's Peanut Butter Cookee Joints".  The cookies contain hot sauce and Thunderbird liquer.

"Yo, pull em out, let em cool a little, get dem shits off da pan and enjoy dem shits."

In first premise that Mr. Worm was a white-boy is retracted.  I do not believe that he is a white boy.

I DO believe that he is ignorant and a phony.  You make up your own mind.

For more information on our latest loser, I direct you to his myspace page:


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