Things that piss me off 5

In my latest post i will bitch about my employees who cry when they get caught ditching work.

Most people that are out of school have a daily job.  everyone knows their job sucks, but if it pays the bills who cares?  Everyone has to do it, so suck it up right?

Apparently I am wrong about this aspect.  I work security at a chemical warehouse, and get great paychecks due to the amount of overtime i grab up.  why do i grab this overtime/  cause come the weekends all of the younger guards bail to go out partying, or drinking.

How do I know this?  cause the fucking retards post shit on facebook.  here I am their supervisor, looking at their facebooks to see their status updates.  constantly on the weekends i have 3 or 4 guards who post on their accounts how they skipped work to go to a club or the local bar? 

How do I deal with this fucking idiots?  point out that they got written up for being a fucking dipshit?  The worst thing is they all requested me as a friend, and they know i look at their pages cause i leave comments.  yet the dumb fucks don't learn.  So here i am on a friday night,  already wrote up 4 of my guards cause they claimed they were sick, when in fact they are going to a party together that they fucking invited me to?  seriously how can people be so fucking retared? 

The worst part is when I have to call them in the office on monday and basically tell them how stupid they are.  Almost everytime they break down and start throwing other co-workers under the bus, telling me that they showed up to a get together before i got there, or telling me who sleeps on their shift.  it's maddening how childish these rejects get.
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